Rejos Neopaney
State CE

South Burlington high school changed their mascot.(February 8, 2016. ) __ 15, 2016.

South Burlington High School thanked the people of South Burlington, and the school board, for making a brave decision to change the offensive “rebel” name. The school believes in the fight for social justice, and equality for all. South Burlington now replaces the “rebel” mascot with the “snowflake” mascot. The snowflake is unique and pretty. Each student is a “snowflake” in their own way. Kids will learn that they are worth the protection of the SBHS community. The snowflakes welcome all people regardless of your ethnicity, religion, sex, gay or straight. The “snowflake” is a great new name. It represents the community well.
The South Burlington Rebels have a rich history, not just in sports, but in academics too. Wait I'm so sorry. I said the “rebels”. I meant the snowflakes now. But seriously, are you kidding me?! Is this what that school is coming to?! Out of all the names you could come up with, it had to be a snowflake?! If a “rebel” wasn't good enough. You could at least change it to something close to a “rebel”, like an “outlaw”. This is so shameful. I don't go to SBHS, but I feel bad for the kids that go there. Whenever they play another team they will get picked on because of their name. I know for sure that I will trash talk a lot whenever I play South Burlington.
This is somewhat like the Washington Redskins. People think that their name was racist. But Washington fought back, and defended their turf. They defended their name. They didn't let some random accusation theory ruin their mascot. But in the end, people still thought it was a racist name. Washington held under pressure. But SBHS didn't.