Snow Days
By Kendall Muzzy

New England recently got hit with the big snow storm known as winter storm Stella. Burlington got hit with about twenty nine inches in the series of two days, marking this storm the second largest in Burlington. Snowbanks grew taller than people passing by and cars got covered in flakes. Because of all the accumulation, schools all in and around Chittenden County got canceled, including Hunt Middle School.
On March fourteenth and fifteenth, our school got canceled due to snow covering our town. It was thought that we would have school on Tuesday, March fourteenth and originally the after school programs were all that was canceled, but the school then thought otherwise as they learned more about the storm. It was announced there would be no school at Hunt the morning of the fourteenth, even though most other schools had sent out the notification the night before. After the first snow day, people expected for Wednesday to be free from school as well because of the roads being dangerous to drive on, and they were right. Students were very excited to have not one, but two days off and were excited to have so much snow again.
Kids spent their free time doing all sorts of things. Sleepovers were had, days were spent skiing and snowboarding, and hours were spent sledding. Some people liked to use their free time inside in the warmth while others were outside all day. Since there were two snow days, some people did it all. You can do all sorts of things on your days off, which is one of the reasons they are so looked forward to.
Although snow days are great, they do have their downside. Hunt has had four snow days in total this year, which exceeds the amount of snow days allowed without having more days added at the end of the year. All schools have some sort of cushion added in with the amount of schools days required by the state. If there are any unexpected school closings, that cushion prevents more days from being added to the end of the school year, but unfortunately, we have had more school closings then there are days added to the required amount. So, although snow days are fun and looked forward to, sometimes they add time at the end of the year.