Riley Poquette
Date 4/4/17
Mod 6

World Current Event

Dewan,A,(2017,April,4),London attack: Assailant shot dead after 3 killed near Parliament,CNN,(London, United Kingdom).Link:
In London today, three people were killed and many other injured when a car drove over the Westminster Bridge and through crowds of people in the busy Central London. The attack started at 2:40 pm, the car was attempting to storm the House of Parliament in an terrorist attack. One of the people in the car got out and killed an unarmed police by stabbing him, the officer's name was Keith Palmer, who was a 15-year veteran. A British government official gave mouth to mouth to the officer to try to save his life but he unfortunately died. The man who stabbed Keith was killed by the police in a shootout in front of parliament. The attack was called “sick and depraved” by the Prime Minister, Theresa May. US President Donald Trump spoke on the phone with the Prime Minister Theresa May and the US is trying there best to help out the U.K. understand this attack and help repair the damages. Conservative MP Damian Collins said he was walking through a tunnel located underground connected to the vote chamber with 30 or more MPs with him when he heard crashes followed by gunshots and yelling. This was the first attempted attack since 2005 in Britain when 52 people were killed in a public transportation bombing. This was not the first vehicle attack that has happened in Britain. This has happened in Nice and Berlin, this attack was on the anniversary of the ISIS bombing in Brussels. Members inside parliament said this was not an accident and the terrorists chose the heart of London to strike. Parliament went on lockdown for several hours when this attack took place. The lawmakers inside were forced to stay in the debating chamber in the House of Commons. Overall this was a single handed attack that resulted in few deaths and many injuries trying to symbolize the strength of ISIS and how they are still committed to killing innocent people.
Why do they do this? It seems like every few months another terrorist attack occurs on innocent people revolving ISIS. My heart goes out for the three unlucky people who were killed in this whole ordeal and the others injured and the families of victims in this attack. How heartless do these people have to be able to kill innocent with no remorse for their country, I'm not saying what we are doing to Middle East is okay, (what I mean by that is dropping bombs and killing innocent people), but then again you don't see us running around blowing up random important building with hundreds innocent pedestrians inside. What they are doing is far worse than what we have done to them, I just want this whole ISIS thing to be over and for people to feel safe when they are walking around without the thought of terrorist attacks even in the back of their minds.
What I would do to help prevent these attacks are capturing these ISIS members instead of killing them and torturing them or any other way to make them spill the beans of the next attack that will take place. I've thought about it and I know torturing is not the right thing to do, but that's all we can do if we want to stop the next attack. I'm sorry to say this but if these individuals are so ruthless, they devote their whole lives to kill innocent people, they deserve to be tortured. Besides hacking ISIS or finding out a secret code, pattern, or calendar on their attacks, then torture is our only option if we want to save hundreds and thousands of lives and dollars in damages. So overall my idea is to use captured ISIS members and get information from them.