Ella Decelles

Recently after Donald Trump’s ban of immigration from seven different countries with a high Muslim population, there was a large turnout out front of the Vermont Statehouse in support of the refugees and immigrants. There were hundreds of people there, some speakers and organizers came up with chants to go against Donald’s decision. There was also a recent mass-meeting in Burlington concerning the same problem a day before the rally in Montpelier. Trump has sent out orders involving border security and immigration enforcement orders also and Phil Scott has not agreed to them. Phil Scott has also spread word to the Legislature to pass laws that would forbid officers from carrying out the actions ordered by Trump. Many people don’t like what Trump did to the immigrants in the seven countries and think that it is a right to migrate, like Marita Canedo. Faisal Gill is a muslim resident in Winooski who was a former U.S. Navy veteran, who believes that Trump will see him as a terrorist because of his religious belief. Faisal believes that the U.S. has always been an welcoming and accepting place for people with different religious beliefs, people of different ethnicities and races. He believes that this has changed since Trump became president. A community leader also spoke with the same intentions as Faisal. She believes that this should not be a place for discrimination involving religion, race, or country origin. She thinks we should open up and not close the doors of our country.

I don’t believe the things these people are saying about Trump and the decisions he’s made. Everyone has their own opinion about things, I have my own, my parents have their own opinions, so does each and every other person and teacher. Your opinion is going to based on what you have been hearing. I don’t normally like perspective but when it comes to this sort of stuff you need to look at both sides of the problem. I think it's sad that there are innocent people stuck in these countries. They could be college students or just people visiting their families and they are stuck there because of our president. Now looking at the other part of this problem which I believe more in. The countries that are basically on “lockdown” contain some of the most dangerous people on Earth. I’m also not saying that we don’t have any dangerous people in the U.S. or other countries. The seven countries that he decided to put on “lockdown” are heavily populated with Isis members and many other dangerous terrorist groups. By making it so these people can’t come to the United States it is making it much safer for us here, which I feel is a very important job for the president to do. Most muslims feel targeted because of his decision, but not all of those countries are full of muslim people. I have muslim friends and some that I consider to part of my family and I think that it sad that some of them don’t feel safe in this country. With the decision that Trump made I feel it will help that situation over time, slowly but surely.
Critical Thinking

Something I would like to differently or change is how people look at things. You hear something from online or in the news but it may not be the whole story. About a month ago I saw a video on instagram that involved Trump and a disabled reporter. It showed Trump mocking this reporter by moving his arms in a rude way and making strange sounds. So I went to show my dad this video because I was astounded by this video. He was like okay is this the only video you saw about this situation? I said yes but I have seen multiple videos on the internet concerning him and the reporter. He said okay but let’s do this, so he went and searched up multiple videos of Donald Trump talking in front of people during the elections and other times too. We noticed how he always moves his hands around and basically talks with them. So from that time I realised that there are always two sides to a story. So I feel that people should always look at both sides of the story.