Rejos Neopaney
Current Event
31 Octobre, 2016
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Interviewer: Kevin Garrison (the player in the white jersey)

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Writer: Rejos Neopaney

Kevin Garrison, the golden boy of BHS, made varsity in football and basketball his freshman year. Kevin used to go to Hunt middle school. During his 7th and 8th grade years, he was on the Oasis team. That meant he did current events with Mrs. Rossell. A current event is when you find an article, then revise that article in your own words. After that step, you write what you thought about the article. The last step, in writing a current event, you have to relate to the news article. Kevin thought current events were a cool homework assignment. He said he liked it because you got to know what is currently happening (local, state, national, world wide). He is using his current event skills in a class right now. The class is “20th century world/US history”. He had an assignment to pick a country and study it year long. Kevin choose to do the Democratic republic of Congo. He has to write long essays on events that are happening in that country currently. Later on, learned about Chinese and Russian revolution. He learned the similarities and difference of the two. He also learned about progressivism. He also studied about the 2016 presidential candidates, and how other countries felt about them. He is currently learning about the Great Depression.
I think current events are cool too. It's a cool assignment, because you're writing about current news. Current events have only helped me get an A in social studies, but without current events, I would never read articles and know what is happening around the world. Current events teaches us the importance of reading articles, and getting involved in the news. It's important to know what's going on because, this is the world we live in. When I used to write current events, I just did it, to get it done. But I realized there is a bigger picture. The bigger picture is, that current events are supposed to help you devolve your writing skills. They help you with the revision process. The revision process helps you fix your mistakes.

Special thanks to Kevin Garrison, for letting me interview him.
From the Panther Press newspaper.