January Dance
By Kendall Muzzy

On Friday, January 27, there will be a school dance hosted by sixth grade team Indigo. It will be the first dance of the new year, 2017, and has been anticipated for several weeks. There will be music, snacks and games to play there and it is a lot of fun. This is only the second dance of this school year. This is because the second dance we were supposed to have on October 14, got canceled for various reasons, making this upcoming dance the very anticipated second dance.
Because so many people were looking forward to this Friday, some were disappointed and upset to hear that the tickets to get have been raised from three to four or five dollars (five dollars if you pay at the dance, four dollars if you pay before the dance). Some people say they will no longer attend the dance because of the raised price while others don't seem to care as much. One student explained to me that they think that “it might be hard with the raised price because it might be too much money for people to pay.” Another told me that “it is only a one or two dollar difference from the original price, so I am okay with it.”
There are many different opinions and questions involving the upcoming event, but the change is happening for a reason. The dance is paid for by all of the money made from selling tickets. At the dances, there is a hired DJ playing music to dance to and the cost for the DJ has increased, making the price of the dance higher. The only way to pay for the newly raised DJ price is to raise the ticket prices.
Now that you know why the money needed for tickets has gone up for a good reason, we hope that you will decide to attend the dance and to see you there!