International Dinner
By Kendall Muzzy

On Thursday, February 15th, the Oasis Team will all have an International cultural dinner. For the past couple of weeks, everyone has been working on a project in Social Studies that has to do with their ethnicity. They chose a country that they are from or that their ancestors are from and have based the last two weeks of work on that place. In this project everyone will get to experience all sorts of different cultures and learn about all sorts of traditions.
For this project, everyone is designing a placemat that represents their country. On the placemat there will be drawings of a common plant from their country, a food dish from their country and a festival or celebration from their country. Students are also writing all sorts of different poems about their country. And to wrap these assignments up, everyone will be having a big “feast” in their social studies class.
For the feast, everyone is picking one dish from their country that is based on the plant that they chose and is making and bringing in that food. Everyone will be cooking their dish at home and bringing it to school on Thursday. All the food will be homemade and delicious. There will be appetizers, entrees and desserts from many different places. There will be a huge variety of foods and everyone is looking forward to it. “I think that it is a great and fun way to learn about and experience different cultures and countries, and I am excited to try all of the food.” Explains one student.
This assignment aims to help everyone understand more about themselves, their family, and where they come from. Students will educate themselves on their background and culture. Learning about where we come from and who we are is the purpose of this project. In the end, the hope is to bring everyone together. Students will find out who they share a past with and learn about themselves.