Hot Breakfast
By Kendall Muzzy

During the last extended homeroom, on November 30th, you may have noticed many students and teachers heading down the hallways towards the cafeteria. This is because the Oasis team has started something called Hot Breakfast. It is where, on every Wednesday extended homeroom, after the morning announcements, the team goes to the cafeteria for a breakfast different from what is usually served in the halls.

Although this may seem like a new concept to you, Hot Breakfast has happened before. “It was at least ten years ago” the Language arts teacher, Mr. Fisher explained. There, they would serve food like waffles and pancakes. Unfortunately, that stopped, but the Oasis teachers intend to bring it back and hope that it will last through the rest of the school year.
The idea of a hot Breakfast was brought up in a teacher meeting by Oasis math teacher Ms. Snyder. Everyone agreed, thinking that it would be a nice thing for the students to look forward to. When the first hot breakfast happened this year, the students were served hot breakfast burritos, but next time, the teachers will try and get food more similar to pancakes and waffles to be served because they want food that is not usually given at school to be served to the students.

When asked what they thought of the first Hot breakfast starting again, one student says that “that it is a fun, extra time to get together and socialize. I am happy that it started because I like the extra free time in the morning. I think that it is a good way to get extra energy in the morning to get through the school day. Spending time with your friends in the morning gets you more happy. After the first hot breakfast, I felt more energized throughout the rest of the day.i hope that the hot breakfasts continue through the rest of the year.”