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Hunt basketball team 7-2 takes on Hinesburg who is 1-8.

Kevin Garrison who was one of the starting five got hurt 4 weeks ago going up for a dunk and broke his wrist. Now 4 weeks later he gets to return and play basketball once again with the team.

Hunt panthers started with Linarte, Mitchell, O'Brien, Stouffer, and Smith as there strong starting five to start the game.

Hunt led the first quarter by only 4 points with both teams playing strong defense. Hinesburg was playing a 3-2 zone for most of the game, and hunt played man to man defense.

In the second quarter the basketball game’s intensity totally changed. Hunt started off with a full court press and stole the ball away from hinesburg multiple times.

Garrison and Linarte both hit big three point shots for Hunt to put them on a roll. Ever since that Hunt kept their foot on the pedal with the score ending in the second half with hunt winning by 20.

In the brief time in the locker room coach Paul Messier just encourage the team to play smart basketball and to swing the ball around for open shots.

In the second half Hunt came out putting more and more points up on the scoreboard.

Casey Stouffer made two contested jump shots while Mitchell, and O'Brien put in multiple fast break layups.

Smith had the highlight of the game with Garrison passing the ball to him for a reverse layup.

Garrison was the lead scorer with 14 points following with Linarte with 11.

The ending score of the game was 44-19 with Hunt destroying Hinesburg. Hinesburg record drops to 1-9.

Hunt improves their record 8-2 but will it stay like that with number 1 seeded Edmunds who are 9-1 come to Hunt Middle School for a face off.

Catch the A team game at 5:00 pm January 30 at hunt middle school.