Hey we are E.A.L.E.A (Emma, Amra, Leah, Elma, Alyssa.) We interviewed Peter LaBracio, Michael Demaggio, Kevin Garrison, and Jacob Jewell. They are on the boys A team basketball. We asked them several questions about practice, and what they do.

LaBracio told E.A.L.E.A that they had a game on December 13, 2012. It was changed to December 18, 2012.The Hunt A team will have a scrimmage against BurlingtonHigh School and Garrison said they will hopefully win. LaBracio also said they do scrimmages and run a lot during practice. They run 10 laps, LaBracio said even though it’s tiring, it’s fun. Demaggio stated that there practices were challenging, due to lots of running. Garrison says that he thinks the boys A team will win a lot games. Jewell said that there practices were very tiring. This is what some of the team members said.