Mr. Amato as Principal


Black Cat Press

We asked Mr. Amato some questions about his new position. The first question was if he made any changes as a principal and he answered that he did make some changes including the schedule. The schedule is completely different from last year, he said it works better because it’s less crowded in the hall and there is no Red and White schedules. The next question was if he likes the new vice principal. The answer for this question was that he worked with Mrs. Whitmore-Sells before and is enjoying working with her again.

Mr. Amato said that he is liking being principal because he really enjoys working with kids. He wants to be principal but the decision is not his to be principal or because Mr. Amato is what you call an interim principal. He loves running the school but there are a lot of responsibilities of running the school. He really likes working with kids so he is accepting the responsibilities. Working at this school has been a big part of his life. He’s been working here longer than we’ve been alive. He said that working here is more like going to a community event rather than going to work.