On January 29 Burlington high school counselors came to Hunt middle School to discuss about Attending BHS with the upcoming 9th graders and the classes they offer. They also discussed about lunch, sports and other activities. Also the superintendent from Burlington School District came to Hunt Middle School to discuss about changes that came be made at Hunt to make the school better and the kids more happy.

All 8th graders at Hunt were given the opportunity to get to meet with their assigned counselors for next year. 8th grade students were separated by their last names and each counselor had a different room in the school for the students.

Eighth grade students got to ask many questions during this time. They also got to learn some of the classes or courses you can take at the high school, and how much credits you need.
A popular questions that was asked a lot was "can have your cell phone in school?”.
It was said that under certain rules you are allowed to have it between classes in the hall and at lunch.

Another interesting part of the day was with the Superintendent of the Burlington School District.

The Superintendent who is Jeannie Collins, got to pick 15 kids in the whole school and got to ask them what they think about Hunt.

The student got to talk about changes that they would like made at hunt.

According to kids at the meeting Ms. Collins said that she is going try to get hunt a new basketball court, baseballs fences, and allow students in their schedule to have a free block.

Jeannie said that she is going to try to get kids to have a free block in their schedule the last 4 weeks of school and throughout the future for Hunt.

If the information is true of what the kids said at the meeting it would seem as if getting our basketball court floor redone would be to expensive for Hunt.

It seems like with these money cuts in schools that they wouldn't be able to spend money on a basketball court.

Will this really happen to Hunt Middle School, or was it just said has a hook to make students happy?
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