The class of 2016 8th grade students are getting ready to move onto high school. The school year is coming to an end and some people have different thoughts about going on to high school, whether they are excited or not.

I asked a bunch of 8th graders on my team what they thought. Some of them are going to BHS and some of them are venturing off to a different school. Whatever school they go to the adventures that we all had at hunt will definitely be memorable in good and bad memories.

The first person I asked was Mary Hondal. Mary said that she is a little bit nervous about high school, because we’ll have more homework and I'm not sure how that will balance with all my dance, since we don't have study hall every day. But I'm also really looking forward to BHS. I want to meet the kids from Edmunds and have more freedom in school, since this one is basically prison.

Grace Mazza said, Alrighty. I'm very excited to be leaving hunt. I think it will be good to start fresh in a new school. There will be more freedom at the high school and I will be able to make new friends. Hopefully. I'm not very good at that. But I'm also a little nervous about going from the oldest kids in the school back to the youngest. I'm slightly afraid of people larger than me. So almost everyone. I am excited to have new classes and new challenges and to leave this school behind.

Dasha Jaentschke is ok with going to highschool. she is excited to meet new people and to have more freedom. But she isn't very excited for the homework part of it. Her last words were, “All I know is it's going to be flames my guy.”

Another dancer named Tia Tofani is also a bit nervous about going to high school, because it's a lot bigger school than Hunt, but also because we will have a lot more homework. Which all of the homework will be pretty hard to finish with dance going on basically every single day. But in the bright side I'm looking forward to going to BHS. It gives you a good chance to meet new kids and to show your skills. Also we will have more freedom and trust along with it.

This next girl has a brother at the high school already so she can just ask him questions! Livie Maher is really excited for high school. I am excited because I will have more freedom and it's going to be a bigger school, but more homework, but it will be worth it.

Haydn Lopes sadly won't be carrying on with all of his fellow Hunt people. He is going to be going to Rice for high school. He said that he's a bit nervous. He will have to make new friends a because he isn't going to BHS. Most of us have gone to school with him since kindergarten, and even preschool/daycare! We will miss him next year and wish him the best of luck at Rice.

Zane Telesford has a couple of encouraging words for his time going into high school. I'm not really looking forward to high school. I've heard it's easier than middle school, but that doesn't mean much. I'm going to be even more disconnected from my few existing acquaintances and forced to make new, probably worst ones. In short: things aren't looking too great.

I would like to add a little bit of my part for high school. I'm actually excited and really nervous. The building is huge and a bunch of homework is going to be assigned probably every night. With playing sports it's going to it be a lot. This year after my birthday I can get my permit for driving. I have been waiting for this for awhile now. I'm not quite sure how I feel about coming together with all of the Edmunds kids,but somehow everything will work out… Hopefully. I have been ready to get out of Hunt since day one of 8th grade. 7th grade wasn't bad but coming back for a second year just made it worse. I can't wait to get out of this school, and I agree with Mary it pretty much is a prison.

Anyway everyone has there own opinions whether or not they are excited for high school, nervous or not sure about all of the homework. It's time for a change and I can't wait for that change to happen.

Written by Hannah