In art class for the third quarter, our art teacher Mrs.Princi decided that we were going to make films for our last project.

Our first project was to make our portfolio to keep out projects and notes in their. Our second project was a value drawing, our third project was writing out name in graffiti. The fourth and final project was the film project.

We started out with taking notes on a lined piece of paper. This project was actually kind of rushed because we had only a little over a week to do it. The notes were mostly one Vocab words for filming.

The words were film, size, angle, cut, in terms editing, pace, and pan. Mrs.Princi gave us a checklist of what we had to have in our video. We had to turn in a google doc with what we were making a video on, and scripts. We had to complete filming in and editing, the film had to be 2-5 minutes long.

In our films had to have all of the shot sizes and angles that Mrs.Princi told us about in our notes. The shot sizes included extreme long, long, medium long, medium, medium close up, close up, big close up, and extreme close up. The angles that we had to use were, high, low, eye-level, tilted, worms eye, and birds eye.

The films also had to include an audio component and actors. The video that I made with Shaneil and Hana was an Expectation vs. Reality video. Our video was pretty cool but we needed a little more time and needed to know how to put music into our video.

Our film didn't meet all of the expectations. We didn't have an audio component because we couldn't figure out how to put music in and we had to finish the project over the weekend so Mrs.Princi couldn't help us. I'm also pretty sure that we didn't use all of the angles and size shots, but we at least made an effort to make a film.

This was a cool project but it wasn't my favorite. We did this project last year in art and I really didn't like it. This is because we didn't have a lot of time and out film was really dumb. When we first came up with the ideas we thought it was great, and then when we actually started filming it was really hard to do and after it was done it wasn't that great.

Last year we actually had an audio component. This project was fun the first 2 years but I wouldn't want to do it for 3. I am going to put the video that we made with this article on the website! Enjoy!

Written by Hannah