Activities With C.P. Smith
By Kendall Muzzy

Next week, the week of the 19th, the Oasis team will be hosting C.P. Smith first graders here at hunt. The hunt students will be doing activities with the elementary students. Almost every oasis team student will get to participate in these activities. Different social studies and math mods will be helping to get ready for the younger students and will be helping them complete the crafts. There will be a couple fun activities to do with the C.P. Smith students including cookie decorating, reading and arts and crafts.

For the cookie decorating, one math and one social studies mod will be making and rolling out the cookie dough in preparation for the first graders. Another social studies and math mod will be making the frosting. And finally, there will be one social studies and one math mod helping the first graders decorate their cookies. They will each make two cookies, one to eat and one to deliver to a senior citizen.

There will also be some crafts for the kids to make. They will all make dog toys with the help of hunt students, which will be donated to the Humane Society, and they will all then get to make a craft of their choice. Lastly, on Wednesday, mod 2 of Ms. Snyder’s math class will be going over to the elementary school to read with the kids there.
When asked why they are excited for this, one hunt student says that it is “because I want to play fun games with the little kids and see their perspective on doing arts and crafts with older kids and see their reaction to us.” They continued… “I am most excited for the cookie decorating because I think that it will be a good and fun experience.”