Bella Farkas and Maggie Barlow
May 19, 2016
“A Farewell to Our Graduating Eighth Grade Class”
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After three years here at Lyman C. Hunt Middle School, our time here is finally drawing to a close, and Burlington High School is rapidly approaching. As a tribute to our class of 2016 eighth graders, we decided to interview a group of members from our graduating class to talk about our favorite memories, share our thoughts about Hunt, and discuss our future.
While school may not be on most kids list of favorite places while in session, when reflecting back on our time here at Hunt, there are certainty many things that we will miss. One thing that nearly all of the students I interviewed expressed was that they will miss Mrs. Princi and her art class. Emma Larivee, one of our students here on Oasis, said that Mrs. Princi was “very understanding,” adding that she “gives her students more opportunities for freedom.” This was something that many of Mrs. Princi’s students noted about her. Often times students feel as though they don't get to make many decisions for themselves, and the fact that Mrs. Princi gives them a chance to express themselves, is something that does not go without notice and appreciation.
Many students also expressed great appreciation for Ms. Snyder, our math teacher on the Oasis team. They told us that they learned so much from her over these couple of years, and for that they are greatly appreciative.
Mr. Fisher, our Oasis language arts teacher, was another teacher noted for his involvement with his students, and his ability to listen to his students’ literary opinions without any outward judgement of them. We know that as well as the other teachers mentioned, we are thankful for Ms. Rossell constantly pushing us to write more maturely and thoughtfully through her current events. While difficult at first, we can honestly say that we are better writers and analyzers of sources through our work on her current events.
Academics weren’t the only highly appreciated offerings here at Hunt, aside from art, students such as Will, Shaneil, and Emma also wanted to mention that they will miss participating in our many sports programs offered here at Hunt.
While there are certainly things to miss, all of our graduating class (ourselves included) are looking forward to moving on to the next level of our education. When asked about what they’re most looking forward to at the high school, Emma, Shaneil, Hayden, Will and Livie all told us that they are looking forward to gaining more independence and meeting the new students from Edmunds. They all expressed some fear regarding the workload over at the high school, but concluded that they are ready.
To end on a high note, here are some of this year's graduating class’s favorite memories:
Haydn’s favorite memory was when Dash threw a banana at Kaltuma in the lunchroom, and Kaltuma retaliated by dumping pizza on him. Being seated at the table with Kaltuma that day, it was indeed a memory that is hard to forget. Not just in this one instant either, but nearly every day, a food fight is started by a flying juice box or a smashed banana. Although the people who get hit with the food may not be of the same opinion, these food fights are legendary and hilarious, and will be missed by us all.
Livie’s favorite memory was getting kicked out of the library with Maggie day after day. The occasional planned trip to get “books” has resulted in quite a few laughs and memories. Although it will be more difficult at the high school, Livie and I (Maggie) solemnly swear to cause trouble wherever we go.
Emma's favorite memory is the basketball party that our coach, Emily Jones held at her apartment at Willard street. The whole team was invited, and awards were handed out recognizing each girl for her individual skill. We enjoyed pizza and soda, while watching a basketball game on TV and singing and dancing really loudly and obnoxiously.
Shaneil Gulfield’s favorite memories came from being on the field hockey team all three years here at Hunt. The wins and losses, the drama, and laughter. Shaneil will miss all of this, and hopes that the high school field hockey team will offer the same experiences. “I feel safe when I am with my team. Free from the judgement I receive elsewhere.” Says shaneil.