KC Hlordsz
June 1-3, 2016


It is June first & I am so ready for the field trip we have on June 3rd!
Most of the students in 8th grade will be going to New York to go to GREAT ESCAPE, there is rides, food, music, and lots more fun things you could do there. Swimming as well. You can swim, especially on a hot day. Everyone said it was awesome, fun, basically all positive feed back from them because it was that fun. On June 3rd we all came to school earlier than most people would normally go because we are going on the field trip and they needed to take our attendance (at 8:00 am we would go). The bus ride was very boring. Many people took naps on the way there and soon they arrived to Great Escape everyone was screaming with joy. Everyone seem to have fun after that.

In my response it was so much fun. Even though I had to look for my friends most of the time. Me and my two friends were going on rides while I was scared to go on most. We didn’t go swimming, but everyone had told us it was a blast. The food was good. I think that the people were nice there too, so that’s good. I just hated walking for a really long time looking for my friends, but other than that the rides were probably the most scary for me, but it was an enjoyment to all. It was a good field trip and hopefully soon I could do this with my friends again. On the way back the bus ride was great. I bought jelly beans that had some disgusting flavors and some people wanted to try some, so it was funny to see their reactions. Everyone sang songs to have a nice trip back to VERMONT.

I have been to Great Escape maybe once or twice with my family, but we didn’t go for long. Great Escape is much like the fair. There is fair foods and rides there as well. Great Escape rides are a little different and unique especially since it’s in NY not Vermont. Since I haven’t went to great escape since I was a young child, so this was a good time to explore and have fun with my friends. It was a good day to be out too. Everyone loved it and enjoyed it. Some didn’t want to leave. That is my connection with Great Escape and how the trip was really fun. Thank you!