International Festival 2013

By Nicholas Carstensen

Previously in the year, the Oasis team went on a field trip to the International Festival exhibit at the Vermont Expo. The field trip was to introduce our team to different cultures due the the diversity our school district, during that part of the year in the social studies curriculum we focused on heritage, and where we came from. The event took place in Essex, where kids were experiencing dance, music, and food from different cultures.

The International Festival is a two day exhibit at the Exposition, where people from other countries have set up 40 different booths from their different cultures and they talk about the country that they were born in, food from the country, and much much more! During the event the each booth has helped create a scavenger hunt for the kids to do when they arrive there. When you found out the answer to one of the questions in the scavenger hunt, they give you a stamp and you can move on to the next question. The festival is kid-friendly, and going to the exhibits you can learn a lot about different cultures, and the people that come from there.

I found this event to be a great way to learn more about world cultures, which helped me understand more about the people in our school who come from different countries. Educating people helps stop the stereotyping and could make kids more open to make new friends! And who doesn’t want to go on an educational field trip where you get to eat a lot of food, and just learn new things!